The Klemm-tight® thread locking fastener is a thread lock designed for a broad range of applications. The Klemm-tight® carbon thread is used in all industrial areas. The application of klemm-tight® screw locks ranges from the mini-screw to screws for turbine construction.


Product features:

– re-useable

– Temperature range from -60 °C to + 200 °C,

– Unlimited storage in normal climates 27/65-2 DIN 50014

– Ideal for usage in binding screws

– Can be used without priot preloading

–  Smooth torque even with long thread lock length

– High vibrational security

– Tolerance compensation through usage of the clamp thread

– Can be used immediately, no curing time

– Very weather-resistant

– No allergic hazard

– Environmentally friendly

– Resistant to almost all aggressive substances

– the securing effect as well as the screw-in torque can be adjusted to fit specific requirements

– M1,6 mm (screws for glasses) to M = infinite (currently the largest screw is M138 for soil displacement hammerss.rgest screw is M138 for uirementsl industrial areas. The application range of klemm-tight®

klemm-tight FFF


Application areas:


– Automotive technology

– Plant construction

– Valve manufacturing

– Builder’s fittings industry

– Escalator’s & moving walkways

– Electronics

– Laboratory technology

– Mechanical engineering

– Medical technology / pharmaceutics

– Solar technology

– Measuring and control technology

– Rail vehicles etc.

Image: Screws for HUB adjustment when servicing the hydraulics of forklift trucks