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In our company ecology and economy aren’t opposites, we consider them to be equals. That’s why practiced environmental protection is an integral part of our activities and an obligation for our actions.

We respect the concept of protecting the environment in all business processes and organisational units. As in all management processes, the central point of our efforts is the constant improvement of our environmental protection measures while carefully weighing compatibility with our client’s expectations.

1. Environmental protection is the responsibility of management & employees

Environmental protection is a key management responsibility. That’s why all supervisors and employees participate in implementing environmental protection measures on a daily basis with an equal sense of responsibility. Training and motivation in environmentally-conscious conduct in the workplace are a central element of all-tight’s environmental policy.

2. Environmentally-friendly products and processes

Our productions processes are examined for environmentally-critical materials and  methods. The system as a whole is considered in order to prevent environmental  problems from being shifted to other areas. The findings are used in developing  appropriate organizational and technical measures, including any emergency plans that are required. all-tight uses the best available technology, taking into account the economic costs.

3. Preserving resources

Measures are taken to reduce the use of energy, raw materials, and other natural resources.

4. Observing and implementing laws and regulations

all-tight is committed to observing all pertinent laws and regulations. We continuously cultivate our cooperation with responsible authorities, institutes and qualified organizations. We ensure that the current state of technology and the applicable environmental regulations are used appropriately and are made available to persons of authority and that they are observed.

All-tight regularly reviews the effects of existing systems that have an impact on the environment. The company is committed to designing its safety systems and organization in ways that either prevent negative effects on the environment, where possible, or greatly minimize them.

5. Waste and emission prevention

Waste, residuals, emissions, noise pollution and waste water are avoided or rather reduced to a minimum.

6. Obligations towards clients and the public

Every all-tight client has the right to know for certain that they have purchased an environmentally compatible product.

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