Special thread locks (according to the requirements of DIN 267)


The Klemm-tight strip fastener is a universally accepted, prevailing torque type self-locking fastener, with excellent vibration resistance. Klemm-tight strip fasteners are manufactured by forming a narrow longitudinal slot long enough to ensure engagement with the female thread in an otherwise normal bolt or screw, and compressing a special locking material in the slot. The resiliency of the locking insert holds it in place
without adhesives or thread distortion, allows it to recover slightly when disengaged, and provides vibration resistance on re-installation. This prevailing torque characteristic can provide re-usability performance in excess of 20 installation/removal cycles.

Application area M1,6 to M50 and beyond

Almost all screws, locking pins, turned parts made from steel and stainless steel, brass, aluminium titanium or plastic can be equipped with a special thread lock. The procedure can be applied to galvanic and organic / inorganic surface coating.


The products we manufacture are not adhesive thread locks – they are resilient and function safely within the temperature range of:

Klemm-tight® :

ALU-tight® :

Thermo-tight® :

Heat-tight® :

BIO-Tec® :

BIO-Med® :

-60º C to +200º C

-60º C to +500º C

-240º C to +220º C

up to +1000º C

up to +350º C

Peekthread Bio-compatible