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Corporate Principles

Our company is guided by the needs of the customer and the rules of the free market economy. We focus our objectives on steadily increasing profitability while taking into account economic and ecological principles to maintain and protect our business location and jobs. Our goal is always to earn a profit in order to finance investments for the future out of our equity.

Partnership with our clients

Our worldwide activities are aligned to meet the market. We provide all our clients
with a partnership, a zero-error approach, optimum and environmentally compatible technology with economic prices and flexible service.

Goal orientation of all employees

Our corporate management is committed to a comprehensive, forward-looking goal
orientation that integrates all employees. As a basis for this, we maintain an open information policy, provide suitable benchmarks, and rely on all of ouremployees to be committed to perform.

Continuous improvement

The process of continuous improvement is at the heart of all of our efforts. The corporate reform that has begun

Zero-error principle

Each of our employees must internalize the zero-error principle.

Suppliers as partners

The management system selects appropriate suppliers and service providers to ensure that the principles of our corporate policy and the quality of the items we
purchase are implemented according to the highest possible standard. In this process, we see our suppliers as partners.


To meet our own and our customers’ quality requirements, we fulfill all the
requirements of our quality management system.