The Thermo-tight® thread lock is especially predestined for applications where high thermo-stability is required. Thermo-tight® screw locks are cold-resistant up to the kryogenic level.


Product features:

– Very good resistance to acids

– Temperature-resistant from ca. -240° C to ca. +220° C

– Moisture absorption almost zero

– Gas emission almost zero

– Low cold flow

– Stable against corrosion and ultra-violet light

– Very good weather-resistance

– High visual transparency

– Very good insulation against electricity

– Flame-resistant

– Tolerant of liquid oxygen

– High thermostability

– Physiologically safe

– Hydrophobic, therefore water-repellent

– Low friction coefficient






– Aerospace

– Electronic laboratory technology

– Medicine / pharmaceutics

– Hydraulics

– Measuring and controlling technology

– Valve manufacturing

– Plant construction

– Environmental technology etc.